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SLIT SKIMMERS - Production suspended.  

We are interested in your slit skimmers. Would you describe the available models?

We offer two catalog slit skimmers, designated Model S-19 and S-25. The general dimensions are listed on our custom skimmer specifications page.

The Model S-19 orifice is 1 mm x 4 mm and the Model S-25 orifice is 0.2 mm x 8 mm. Different widths can be produced, but there is a corresponding change in the slit length and finished height of the skimmer.

Can you produce customized slit skimmers?

Yes. Inquire with your critical dimensions and we will provide a proposal. Note that it is extremely difficult to maintain parallel sides with long slit lengths so we usually will not undertake designs with slits over 10 mm in length.

What are the prices for catalog or custom slit skimmers?

Pricing depends on the slit size, with narrower widths priced higher. Please inquire regarding the dimensions of interest.

Custom models are priced depending on the difficulty of the design. Note that the charge for the mandrel is higher than that for a conical skimmer.

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