Beam Dynamics
Molecular Beam Skimmers


The smaller skimmer models (e.g., Model 5.1) are also useful as converging nozzles because of their smoothness and symmetry.
Light Baffles
Two or three cones aligned linearly are effective in laser beam convergence. Models 25.4 and 31.8 are commonly used, with orifice diameters specified by the user. The interior of the cones can be user painted black to minimize reflection.


The amount of inventory needed to service both skimmers and nozzles has become excessive so we are no longer offering nozzles as a product. Skimmers are as effective for converging or as light baffles.
We will consider producing nozzles on a one-off basis if there is sufficient order quantity. However, the pricing will be identical to skimmer pricing because that is how the machine shop now charges us - there is no discount.





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